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Project Overview:
The Orange Gestures programme was a collaboration between The Orange Group Design Team and France Telecom R&D. I led the Design programme and brought the product to market as an embedded Orange App running on the Orange Android Homescreen (also my programme).
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Description of Activities:
- Lead Design Manager
- Creator and owner of yearly development roadmaps shaping the product year on year.
- Inspiring and leading the design strategy and direction
- Steering and managing teams based in London, Paris, Grenoble, Lannion and Beijing towards excellence in design in line with my vision for the product.
- Key stakeholder and contributor for the agile development process
- Visual and interaction lead fmanaging a team of 8
- Sign off responsibility for App including all design, testing functional specifications and visual assets.
- Management of numerous internal stakeholders and external partners and agencies.
- Creation and co-ordination of all user testing via 3rd parties.
- Responsible for QA testing, bug reporting, fixing and sign off.
- Management of production of functional and visual specifications.
- Budget securing via Product Board and management thereof across all suppliers.
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Gesture Development:
The set of 27 gestures were developed using a series of customer participatory design workshops. Starting with a list of proposed actions, customers wee asked to draw an image without taking their pen off the paper to represent that action. After a number of refining processes both in design and code, the final gesture set was tested, tuned and released to form the core of the App.
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Observeur Design Exhibition. Paris, 2009:
The Observeur du Design exhibition in Paris in 2011 featured the Orange Gestures App and was highly commended by the organisers as innovative and unique. The exhibition ran for 8 weeks and was visited by 1000's of people from the general public and design industry.
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Mobile World Conference 2011.

Mobile World Congress 2011:

Gestures and Smart Wallpapers also led by myself) were chosen to represent Orange at MWC 2011. I underwent Media Training by Edelman PR and conducted 15 press interviews and demonstrations. Click the link below to find out more.
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