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Project overview:
Messaging 2.0 (Launch name withheld), is Vodafone’s Joyn based proposition launching on the Android platform. The first release will be available via Google Play, and subsequent versions will be embedded out of the box. As well as all the ‘usual’ Joyn features, Messaging 2.0 also allows customers to message between each other even if one of the party’s does not have the client installed. Seamless conversion to SMS allows this making it a true invisible experience.
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Description of activities:
- Lead Design Manager.
- Review of existing Joyn UX and adaptation to the Smartphone space.
- Production of UX spec framework to ensure sufficient detail for development.
- Creation of creative vision and design principles.
- Implementation of user testing learnings from initial Joyn tablet version. - Creative session production for out of box experience, and settings. - UX spec management and contribution. - Visual design direction and detail elements. - Stakeholder management.
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