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Project overview:
The Universal Phone programme (so called as the UI is designed to be applicable on all Smartphone types), was borne out of a desire to tackle the Elderly segment. Once underway however, it was clear that additional segments were suitable for such a UI. The objective was to develop a simplified flavour of Android whilst designing a compelling and beautiful UI to meet the needs of numerous user ties that wanted a full Smartphone experience, yet didn’t need all the infinite features of native Android.
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Description of activities:
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- Lead Design Manager.
- Handover from previous team and concept.
- Segment review and Persona development.
- Requirements review and finalisation.
- Build the team of suppliers and manage locally and remotely.
- Multiple workshops to flesh out the IA and UI concept on a weekly basis with full team.
- Develop close relationship with Developers and integrate into design process.
- Developed online UX spec tool.
- Management and production of detailed UX spec.
- Management of visual design direction and detailed key screen development.
- Management of user testing with key segments in London.
- Key stakeholder management.
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Lockscreen featuring swipe up to unlock and swipe down to reveal Camera.

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Idle Homescreen with stylised categories and notifications.

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In call screen.

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Unlocking to the Homescreen.

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Main menu accessed by further upward scrolling with all the noise of Android removed.

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The Calendar.

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Unlocking to the Camera.

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The Address Book.

Universal Phone Keyscreens.
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Online UX Spec:
Online UX spec tool utilised to allow all team members to access and view the apex, issues list and all associated documentation.
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View Universal Phone UX Spec
(17Mb. Opens in new Tab).

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Solution Layers:
The UX spec identified how to layer a Vodafone UX on top of native Android.
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Platform IA:
The IA not only provided the high level UX view, but also he links necessary to integrate into the native layer underneath.
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