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Lenovo Feature Widget and Full Screen App.
An out of the box, beautifully designed and useful widget alerting users to the new features of Android.
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Android topic Widget:
Users can scroll through a number of topics on their Homescreen, tap on one to open a full screen App giving a full tutorial and a link to open that feature.
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View UX Spec.
(5Mb. Opens in new Tab).

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Joyn for Tablets.
Design Lead for Joyn for Tablets managing the development of full UX and Visual Design specifications.
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Chat and Contacts view:
Simple and clear - the two drivers for the UX and visual style.
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Contacts view:
Keep as close to the native experience as possible whilst adding innovative features to enhance the usage of the product.
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Call/Video Call view:
Bringing all the useful in call feature to the surface to make person to person and group calling simple and effective.
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Vodafone Dragon Tablet Dock Apps.
Led the design effort for Vodafone Dragon Tablet and Dock App. A 'Normal' 7" Android device with an innovative twist.
In Retail:
Customer Agents discuss users key requirements for their Tablet and download corresponding Voadfone 'Dock Apps'.
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At Home:
Customers had multiple docks in key areas of their home. I this illustration, in the Lounge and Bedroom.
Automatic App launch:
When place in the Dock in the appropriate room, the appropriate App launches immediately giving a plug and play feeling to their Tablet.

Here, Internet Radio launches.
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Automatic App launch:
And in this example in the Lounge, the Photoframe starts.
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JetSkierWorld for iPad.
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