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Project overview:
Part of the Digital Coach suite of products, Orange Assistant is a Signature application to help customers understand and make the most of their Orange phone, by promoting usage of Orange Applications and Services, and encouraging personalisation. It is comprised of 2 basic components - Out of the box Setup Wizard and in life usage. Key screens are visible in the detailed Orange section of this website.
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Description of activities:
- Lead Design Manager
- Requirements gathering with Product Manager and Stakeholders
- UX and Visual design spec lead
- Weekly design review session lead and action plan ownership
- Management of wide team across London, Paris and Beijing to deliver the spec and manage the testing process
- Lead for all user testing and redesign activities
- Key Stakeholder management
- Budget securing via Product Board and management thereof across all suppliers.
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View pdf Version of UX Spec.
(2.2Mb. Opens in new Tab).

View pdf Version of Visual Spec.
(6.2Mb. Opens in new Tab).

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