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Project overview:
The Orange Android Homescreen is the backbone of the Group product portfolio providing not just a Homescreen environment, but a portal into other key services and applications. The challenge was to create a Homescreen environment that differentiated from our competitor’s and driver it to our partners in a timely manner. Beginning as a project in May 2009, the first devices launched a mere 5 months later. The Homescreen is still the focus for Orange Group today.
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Description of activities:
- Lead Design Manager
- Creator and owner of yearly development roadmaps shaping the product year on year.
- Inspiring and leading the design strategy and direction for Homescreen
- Steering and managing teams based in London, Paris, Grenoble, Lannion and Beijing towards excellence in design in line with my vision for the product.
- Key stakeholder and contributor for the agile development process
- Visual and interaction lead for Homescreen, 50+ widgets and all associated applications.
- Sign off responsibility for Homescreen and all associated applications, widgets, functional specifications and visual assets.
- Design direction and delivery of static, live and smart wallpapers.
- Management of numerous internal stakeholders and external partners and agencies.
- Creation and co-ordination of all user testing via 3rd parties.
- Responsible for Homescreen QA testing, bug reporting, fixing and sign off.
- Management of production of functional and visual specifications.
- Budget securing via Product Board and management thereof across all suppliers.
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Key Innovations:
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Slide To Open Notifications:
Notifications on a Lockscreen are commonplace now but the Homescreen programme was actually the first to launch such an innovation. A complex UX spec delivered a simple experience to the user and allowed them to slide to go directly to that notification.
Album Artwork on the Lockscreen:
Similarly with Album Artwork and music player control from the Lockscreen - again, we were the first on the market with this.
Slide to Reveal Music Player Control on the Lockscreen:
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Double Tap Unlock:
At the time, many manufacturers were infringing on Apple's slide to unlock mechanism. I decided not to go down that route but to develop something as effective but sufficiently different and hence 'Double Tap To Unlock' was born. Again, a complex UX spec that accommodated many error cases delivered a smooth and innovative IPR infringement-free solution.
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New icon style:
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Download Solaris icon design document.
(4.8Mb. Opens in new Tab).

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The Orange 'Monte Carlo' sub €100 Smartphone with Orange Homescreen and Gestures embedded was featured on a nationwide UK campaign in the 'Explore' magazine.
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Orange Retail "Explore" Magazine:
Front cover and centre spread focussed on all the innovations delivered by the Homescreen and Gestures programme.
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