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Questions you may want to ask:
What do I do...?

I'm a UX Designer by trade but am now managing design, large projects and teams. I remain hands on however, and am deeply involved in the design, specification, testing and production of my products.
What notice period am I on...?

3 months.
What kind of role am I looking for...?

With my experience to date, I am looking for a Senior Design Lead, Manager or Director role. However, it is important to state that I wish to retain my 'hands on' approach to design as opposed to purely design management.
What salary am I looking for...?

As this is a public site I have chosen not to state my current or disclose my desired salary. This however can be very much discussed via call or email.

What I normally say however is that if the fit is right for both sides, the salary usually falls into place at a satisfactory level for both sides.
Am I looking for a contract or permanent role...?


I have done both contract and permanent work in the past but am now focussed on Permanent roles.
Am I willing to relocate...?


My preferred locations are South Germany or Switzerland but I am also very interested in other locations globally.
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Questions you may want to ask regarding my work:
What project are you most proud of...?

I'm proud of all of my work for very different reasons but if I had to choose one, it would have to be Orange Gestures. It was an amazing collaboration of numerous skill sets from visual and UX design, through to prototyping, testing and development. It gained industry recognition when launched at MWC 2011 and went on to be exhibited in national design exhibitions. As Lead Design Manager for that project I'm proud of what we achieved and the product is still embedded on Orange Devices today.
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Take a look...

What is the biggest thing you've learnt in your career so far...?

That being pragmatic whilst still retaining the creative drive is the most powerful combination and one that usually leads to products going out the door to market. I'm the biggest advocate for the design process in all it's glory and entirety, but I also know that factors such as time and resource play such a huge part in it. That's why I feel I've developed an eye for mixing that process with the ability to deliver it to market.
What is your greatest achievement in your career so far...?

I'd probably name two - firstly the introduction of the UX discipline to Orange UK when the UX industry was still in it's infancy and subsequent creation of the UX Team, and secondly the the launch of the Orange Android Homescreen which was conceptualised, developed and launched in 5 months.
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