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In the paper version, I have included additional detail to all the projects outlining key skills used in order to develop and launch the product. An overview is shown below.
The distinction between delivering a design workstream and the product actually launching to market is a fine one. Many factors come together across the business to move a design package to code and ultimately to market. Where relevant, for each project, you will see a Launch Date coupled with flags indicating the markets I worked with and the product was released to, or if the project was paused, for internal delivery or cancelled, the result is also indicated.
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Key Skills:

Delivering products into any market or sector is a complex process involving numerous individuals. From the design side managed by myself, in addition to the launch information, you will also see the top 5, or most important to that project, key skills used to deliver the design workstream. Additional skills and tools were of course also used but the top 5 indicate the most relevant and challenging required for that delivery.
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