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Mirja Leinss
Principal UX Business Partner - Vodafone.

Julian is a highly experienced design manager who knows specifically the mobile world inside out. With his extensive design background cross design disciplines and touchpoints, Julian thinks ”end-to-end” and creates concept and design for digital, physical or hybrid customer experiences. Vision movies, design specification, prototypes or user research, he knows it all. He works easily hands on by himself, as part of a team or manages a team to deliver user experience projects. Julian is a great contribution to any experience design or digital product team – not only because of his expertise, but also because of his good sense of Scottish-Cologne humor and charm. Julian is part of my team at Vodafone Group services (Germany) where he’s working on IP Communication products, Vodafone branded devices and various innovation and future vision projects. Feel free to contact me for any reference.
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Adam Pallant. Usability & User Interface Design Consultant.

Julian is an exceptionally good project lead. He is decisive, keeps his eye on both the big picture and the design detail, and makes sure that everyone in the team feels both valued and involved. Can't think of anyone I would prefer to work with and for.
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Mark Osborne.
Senior Designer at Tui Interactive Media.

I worked with Julian over a two year period on Android mobile applications. He is highly motivated and always strives to achieve the highest possible standards in all aspects of his work. As a manager, I feel his great strength is his ability to motivate, inspire and get the best from all the members of the project team. While he can bring considerable experience to projects, he is always open to new ideas and contributions from the rest of the team. He is a strong leader and does not shy away from making difficult decisions. And on top of all this, Julian is a great pleasure to work with and unfailingly maintains a good humoured and postive attitude.
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Richard Lewis.
Head of UX, multichannel user experience.

Julian is a well respected design professional with an excellent reputation who has an implicit understanding of interface design, customer insights and technology. His broad experience has enabled him to comfortably interact with and get the best out of technical colleagues to bring to life his design work. Julian takes a great deal of personal pride in his design projects and exhibits an ability to single-mindedly drive a project forward towards his own design vision. A key strength is his attention to detail and quality in the presentation and promotion of his work within his network.
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Robert Linhardt.
Senior UX Designer.

It's always a challenge to synthetise the technique of another professional - this is especially true when trying to describe the style by which Julian guides design work which is an art in the elusive. He is an excellent observer not only of design but of human character and he has almost two decades of experience to measure his observations against - as a result his guidance is so natural and discreet that one feels not managed but nurtured instead – and encouraged to experiment and explore. Julian is genuinely interested in the ideas that emerge within the group, giving them space to evolve, to influence parallel design processes and to merge with other ideas in followup iterations. Quiet uncommonly he gives his own ideas the same treatment as to the ideas of any designer in the group – from my perspective this is more proof than any that instead of promoting his own thinking Julian's guidance is aimed at achieving the best solution possible. He shuffles roles as needed – he is facilitator, designer, diplomat, fan, coach, critic, friend. He is a standing image of calm clarity and reason and a kind man with a good sense of humor and one that does not take himself too seriously. Its an absolute pleasure to work in a team led by Julian and the work is very rewarding in the results that a design process guided in this fashion can claim for itself. I am looking forward to all future opportunities to collaborate and design with Julian and to observe, learn and enjoy the ways that he handles the design process.
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Fabrice Dubois.
Principal interaction designer at Nokia Design.

I've had the pleasure to collaborate with Julian for about a year, and I surely look forward to the next round! He's a remarkably responsible person, truly fair and honest, who takes his commitments very seriously. He's obsessed by quality at all levels (from solving the right problem down to the look of a pixel), and I trust he can't sleep well until he's 100% confident that what he delivers is good enough. In our collaboration he's always cared about checking our assumptions with real users, and he keeps impressing me by his humility: he's looking for the best design solution, whoever will come up with it. I believe he has a great sense of balance between delegation of the design/creative work, and firm decision-making when the time comes to decide. The best leaders know how to stand for something and make decisions clear (not by ego, but by responsibility of moving things forward). Also, I really appreciate the fact that he's a very hands-on designer; often he came back to us with mockups he put together to better explain–and get challenged–his own design ideas. I never miss a chance to have a cup of tea with Julian, because beyond his invaluable experience and skills, he's an absolutely sweet and optimistic mate, always ready to help.
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Stephen Hardyman.
Senior Freelance Motion Graphic Designer.

Julian is a positive and passionate design and UX manager who leads by example. A natural presenter and communicator with a great ability to enthuse a team right up until final delivery. A pleasure to work for.
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Andrew McGrath. Design Director. Orange.

Julian worked for me while i was managing the Design team at Orange Group, the range of his design skills and overall delivery skills are impressive and he also has a boundless energy and positive approach to his work life. Julian adds quality, customer focus and joy to a UX team, he manages to be driven and also be a team player at the same time (i find some driven people can be difficult to integrate in teams) Julian also manages to use his canny understanding of people to find ways around almost any obstacle in an organisation that is stopping the delivery of the UX experience he envisions.
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Sara Lindstedt.
Senior User Experience Designer at blinkbox.

I had the pleasure to work with Julian during my last contract at Vodafone. Julian is a very experienced and highly skilled User Experience Manager. I learnt a lot from him in terms of Android Development and Mobile Design process. He has a great sense for detail in the same time as holding the work together from a bigger picture and strategic point of view. In addition he is a warm, funny person always looking after everyone in the team.
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Kirsten Edmonson.
Programme Manager, Digital & CRM at Formica Group, Europe.

Julian is a highly skilled, enthusiastic and dedicated Design Manager. He has managed highly complex projects with grace and good humour and I would love to work with him again in the future. Highly recommended.
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Filip Healey.
Director of Consulting at Amberlight Partners.

I have had the opportunity to work with Julian on numerous projects over the last 5 years, including voicemail, Android customisation and mobile handset UI related projects. Julian is an exceptionally open and inquisitive designer, often putting opinions and gut feel aside until all the evidence and facts have been gathered and reviewed. For me, as a user experience researcher, this has resulted in some hugely satisfying collaborations, with plenty of opportunity to innovate, think outside the box and generally put all assumptions to the test. Julian is extremely experienced, truly professional, yet at the same time remarkably modest and down to earth. He is a pleasure to work with every time.
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Kat Kinnie.
Thought Leader and Founder at Thought Cloud Collective.

Julian is a genuinely lovely person. He has a wonderfully warm personality, is flexible and open to new ideas and incredibly hard-working and committed. I was lucky enough to work with him when he was brought into Canonical to lead a brand new design team, which was really exciting for me, as we'd never had internal designers before. Furthermore, his reputation at Orange preceded him, so I was very lucky to get to benefit from his design experience. We worked closely on a number of projects, including the complete re-design of all of our marketing materials and the artwork for Ubuntu CDs, which more than 2 million are shipped around the world every year. I really enjoyed working with Julian, it was both enjoyable and seemingly effortless as we were totally on the same wave length. I can heartily recommend him and would jump at the chance to work with him again.
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