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A bit about me outside work...
I’ve been an active kind of a person for as long as I can remember now. From an early age, I’ve been involved in a number of sports from county level tennis, to squash, badminton and in the last 10 years, competitive freestyle jetskiing and triathlon. I achieved stage 1 of the Lawn Tennis Association coaching certificate and as a result have been able to coach children and adults to a recognised standard. In 2006 I gained a UK ranking of 12 and also qualified for the Great Britain Triathlon team for the European Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland.
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When I’m not running around doing these things, I’m to be found bashing away on my Roland KDV-20 drum kit to the likes of Rammstein, ACDC, Greenday, Guns ’n’ Roses and other old school rock bands.
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In 2009, I married Monika. The perfect wedding, the perfect location, the perfect bride.

Kara is the latest addition to the Hubbard household...
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A 5 minute film all about me - put together by request as my introduction to my role at Vodafone.

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In my spare time, I also am an active Mentor for Superstars Recruitment, an innovative Digital Staffing agency based in London. This involves mentoring digital creatives through their career, portfolio and job interviews.
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Judge on the 2008 WOLDA (Worldwide Logo Design Annual)
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