Canonical is the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, the world's best-known Linux based open source Operating System. Reporting directly to the Founder, I joined Canonical to set up and lead a Design and User Experience team based in London, with the aim of introducing Design into the open source industry to overhaul the product portfolio.

The images below show the key innovations I led for the Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 release, April 2009.
Boot sequence

Boot Sequence

Login sequence

Login Sequence

Desktop architecture

Desktop Architecture

Unified notifications

Unified Notifications

Design guidelines

Design Guidelines

Desktop icon set

Desktop Icon Set

Universal Music special edition - Gigs

Universal Music Special Edition - Gig Tickets

Universal Music special edition - Themes

Universal Music Special Edition - Themes

CD Artwork

CD Artwork

CD Jacket Artwork

CD Jacket Artwork

Asus Netbook remix

Asus Netbook Remix

Dell Netbook remix

Dell Netbook Remix

Exhibition stands

Exhibition Stands

I love my desktop release t-shirts

"I Love My Desktop" release T-Shirts

Marketing material

Marketing Material