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A common question for Interviewers is "Can you give me an example of a project where you have demonstrated, or used.....".
Well, here you go. There's a sample of skills in my personal Toolbox below with examples and links to projects to demonstrate that skill.

As this is just a sample, if you want to raise an additional question with examples, then please do contact me.

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Agile development.

Used on a daily basis throughout the Orange Homescreen programme between Design Team in London and Developers in Lannion, France and Beijing.

Orange Homescreen.

Daily stand ups with design team to deliver UX spec every Friday for coding the following week. From there, the code was tested and re-designs made and specs frozen the subsequent friday. At that same time, the next UX spec section was released.
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Asset production management.

Extensive experience in driving and managing the asset production process from new visual direction to following existing guidelines. For the Homescreen programme, over 10,000 assets produced.

Orange Homescreens.

After creating the visual direction for the Homescreen programme, I managed 3 teams of 7 visual designers in London, Berlin and Beijing to continually deliver assets to the developers. This was closely linked to the QA programme I managed. The assets were delivered for the 3 Orange Homescreen products I was responsible for - Keypad, Proprietary Platform and Android.
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As a Design Lead, I have experience in budget estimation year on year as well as resource management for multiple projects.

Ubuntu Desktop.

I created and recruited a team of UX and Visual Designers, Flash Developers and Usability Experts from a proposed budget and headcount plan.
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Building Design and Usability Teams.

Very experienced in recruiting and building Design Teams either from scratch or building on existing. In some cases team members have been in multiple locations and timezones.

Ubuntu Desktop.

I created and recruited a team of 9 UX and Visual Designers, Flash Developers and Usability Experts to form the first internal Design Team for Ubuntu.
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Product launch.

Support for Product Managers through to launch is a fundamental part of the Design process. My roles have been focussed on this to ensure the testing and QA processes are supported to deliver an error free UX.

Orange Gestures.

I supported the Product Management Team throughout the Gestures development and launch process which also included being media trained by Edelman PR for the MWC 2011 launch.
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New Product Conception.

I'm a hands on Design Lead and one of my passions is creating an environment that fosters Innovation and new ideas, be they large or small.

Vodafone Recyclable Tablet Dock.

The Recyclable Tablet Dock came from a use case list I was creating to give my Design Team direction for a wider Tablets Application project.
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Attention to detail.

Yes I'm a Design Lead but I love the detail and working on the detail. My weekly design review colleagues will voice for that...!

Messaging 2.0.

As one of the key products in the 2014 portfolio, Messaging 2.0 is a product of strategic value to Vodafone. As such, Senior Management were key Stakeholders and as such an eye for the very finest of detail was required.
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Developer management.

Building close relationships with Developers in the key to building the UX I envision. The key to this is involvement in the design process and joint ownership. This is a delicate process that requires commitment from both sides and I enjoy the process of building this.

Orange Homescreen.

For this programme, I had a team of 3 full time Developers reporting to me and as such they were very much part of the planning, design and development process. Much time was spent with them face to face to gain their trust and understanding of the UX process and as such the product was delivered according to the design vision.
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Easing difficult situations.

Possibly one of my biggest assets is building relationships with and managing people. Design brings out emotions in all of us and when things get heated I have a natural way of easing the tension and bringing the topic and team back on track.

Vodafone Dock Apps.

Emotions run high in Design. Product owners, Stakeholders and Designers alike create and protect their ideas and as such, flash points can occur. It takes a calm and collected 'Design Politician' to understand everyones point of view and steer the conversation back towards the project goals and objectives. I have a keen sense of people's drivers and personalities and so have used this to great effect to calm and resolve difficult situations.
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Demonstrable energy over extended periods.

When I commit to an employer or project I am able to put 100% effort into it and sustain that energy over log periods of time which transfers to stakeholders, colleagues and team members alike.

Orange Homescreen.

I'm lucky - I love my job... and as such find myself naturally being able to bounce into the office and install my energy into a team. I've been told this is one of my key strengths which is essential for longer term projects. I managed the Homescreen programme for a total of 18 years.
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Information architecture.

Leading the IA stage of a project comes as a result of numerous passes before it such as user and business requirements gathering, research and persona development to name but a few. The Joyn for Tablets at Vodafone demonstrated this nicely.

Orange Homescreen.

I'm lucky - I love my job... and as such find myself naturally being able to bounce into the office and install my energy into a team. I've been told this is one of my key strengths which is essential for longer term projects.
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If I had to state what was my strongest attribute, I would probably say Leadership. I am well known for giving strong project direction whilst keeping a calm head and enthusing those around me.

JetSkier World.

How do you go about introducing a structured design discipline into a chaotic and energy fuelled market such as Jetskiing? With strong leadership and through spending time building the trust of others. My Partners in the magazine were visionary but needed to be carefully guided to ensure content was created and delivered in an appropriate manner. The result was not only a well executed product but also the creation of a long standing relationship beyond the life of the magazine itself.
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Having worked in a Global role for many years, localisation has always been part of a project plan. This has been from 2 to multiple locations requiring the building of good relationships in local markets to validate a UX and it's terminology.

Orange Companion.

Working in a Group role requires that products are localised for local markets. Its a tricky process that requires good contacts at a local level to verify and approve the UI. Orange Companion demanded such a skill and was eventually launched across the Orange Western European footprint.
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Demonstrable passion over long projects.

In complex technological markets, it is rare for projects to be 'short and sweet' for a number of reasons. Keeping ones passion and in doing so keeping the energy up of the team is critical for the success of a project.

Orange Homescreen.

Working on a product at a very detailed level over a two year period demands extended lengths of passion for the product, the team and the brand. I loved the Homescreen product as much, if not more on my last day as I did on the first and this was the culmination of time spent building a great team with great relationships.
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Product Manager relationships.

Possibly where I've had the most success in terms of delivering the UX I've envisaged. I have been able to build close and trusted relationships with PM's and in some cases with them over to a UX approach in the first place. This has meant I have been trusted to deliver both mine and their product visions.

Vodafone Universal Phone.

Developing a device UX requires setting a clear vision and niche for what the product will be. Designers can only go so far so it is critical to establish a trusting relationship with Product Managers so as to ensure their requirements are met as well. I have a long standing drive to create these relationships by just being myself and therefore coming across as the kind of person people can approach for answers, help and great quality design.
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Quality Assurance.

Releasing a UX spec is only half the story. My role as Design Lead includes ensuring that ensuing code matched the exacting nature of the UX and Design Specs. This means running dedicated QA programmes with formal bug raising and fixing work streams.been trusted to deliver both mine and their product visions.

Ubuntu Desktop.

The levels of quality required for this product were amongst the highest I've worked on with a whole open source developer community behind it and as such the design had to match it. Landscape was used to record, track and fix quality issues to ensure the product went out bug free and to the standard required by the CEO and Founder.
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I make time for relevant and to the point reporting... It may not be a creative part of projects but nevertheless a crucial one to keep Senior Managers aware of progress and of budget status.

Vodafone Tablet Widgets and Apps.

For any product Reporting is a necessity but for products being launched on ranged devices, it is even more critical to give the wider Marketing and Launch teams a regular updates in short, punchy, readable reports. Tailored templates have been created per project to ensure the wider team is appraised of the status of the design work stream.
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Building a UX Roadmap for any long or short term product is vital for budgeting, resource management and evolution of the product. I have spent many hours with stakeholders in various yearly cycles planning the growth of a product then splitting it down to phases, roadmaps and therefore resources. It is an evolutionary process that changes as the demands of the business and the customer change.

Orange Homescreen.

The roadmap creation and maintenance process was an on-going and fluid discipline. From year start brainstorms through to feature freezing and phasing, my Design Team was involved in it all and in most cases drove the process. This meant a high number of ideas generated at the beginning of the year through to a delivered set of features at key points in the year.
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Sign off.

Signing off on a UX is an 'easy' part of the process. The hard bit is doing all the work that goes towards that final UX Specification. Nevertheless, key Stakeholders also have to sign off to so the process still needs to be managed. This is where all the hard work in relationship building and involvement of the wider team comes in to play.

Orange Assistant.

As one of the biggest device customisation pieces at the time, sign off of the UX was a long and complex process involving sign off up to VP level.
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