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A small sample of some of the conceptual studies undertaken in recent roles.
Origami UI.
A unique folding UI to add colour and depth for the user.
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‘Origami’ UI developed in conjunction with Orange R&D Beijing.
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'Orange Entry Point'.
Orange Entry Point linking retail, web, cloud and device experiences.
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Expanding widgets.
Homescreen framework to support expanding widgets allowing for the presentation of real time content.
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NFC for Retail.
Vodafone NFC for Retail that allowed users to 'scan' apps via NFC leading to download either in store, or from the window display from the outside.
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Homescreen visual design and widget functionality exploration.
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Visual design explorations.
Basic App functionality such as the Calendar developed to deliver varying alerts and content.
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'My Social Life'.
A very early Android Eclair widget integrating Facebook and Twitter.
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Android (Eclair) widget concepts.
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